Mission & Vision

Our mission, vision and quality policy

Our Mission

To make production and trade in the highest quality, safest, most efficient way in line with the needs of the sectors, we serve with an efficient, value-generating organization by having our national values and keeping human and environmental values on top of Turkey. In this way, we aim to contribute to our Turkey's economy by creating value, supplying imported goods that our country needs more from Turkey as well as to ensure that domestic products take finally place of imported raw materials in order to balance the negative foreign trade, which is one of the country's biggest weakness.

Our Vision

Making our production facilities an international poly resin production plant by making it a smart construction that can compete with its competitors around the world in terms of technology and efficiency.

Integrated Management System Policy

  • To produce our products in a quality than can cater the needs and expectations of our clients by using man power, raw material and energy resources in an efficient and eco-friendly way.
  • To execute products and services that can deliver to our steakholders' needs and expectations with the contribution and effort of all our employees As Polimer Ar-Ge,
  • To ensure standardization in quality and to apply quality standards in all of our procedures and areas,
  • To follow developments and novelties in technology constantly and to apply them on our products,
  • To promote creativity and to support our fund of know knowledge with trainings in all areas,
  • To increase quality consciousness and to keep all managers and employees responsible from quality and efficiency in all areas,
  • To follow quality management system rules and to ensure constant enhancement by taking environmental factors and work safety rules into consideration,
  • Acting with the principle of zero accident and zero occupational disease, to take measures to minimize damages in case of accident or emergency that may occur during our activities,
  • To take the necessary measures to prevent Major Industrial Accidents, and to provide measures to minimize the damages in case of occurrence
  • To create an environment that will increase professional and behavioral competencies and to organize trainings by encouraging  the participation and advising of our employees and employee representatives, to develop creative and innovative approaches by encouraging them to support all processes with new ideas
  • To eliminate occupational health and safety hazards and reduce risks
  • With the awareness that the resources in the world are not unlimited, adopting this not as a necessity but as a responsibility to leave a carefully protected environment for the future and take the necessary actions,
  • To prevent environmental pollution
  • To save the consumption of resources such as electrical energy, water and paper used in all our units and ensuring the creation of a technological and systemic infrastructure for this
  • To ensure the recycling of wastes generated during its activities and to take measures to reduce its consumption, to avoid events that will affect high carbon emissions,
  • To ensure the implementation and sustainability of waste management in line with the life cycle perspective
  • To be the sector leader by keeping our quality standards at highest values and fulfilling legal necessities also by producing goods that are in line with national and international standards,
  • Taking our employees as well as our beneficiaries' satisfaction at  highest while producing within the scope of legislations,
  • To provide our employees trainings that will improve the quality of products they offer and develop their own personal skills,
  • To ensure that clients' needs are met with applicable primary and secondary legislatşon rules,
  • To ensure the increase and sustainability of customer satisfaction with risks and opportunities that can influence the offer and convenience of products and services,
  • To gain, sustain and enhance constantly the trust of everyone that we serve for by reaching total quality via the fastest, shortest and most economical way is the most important mission of all of us.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, accessibility and continuity of corporate information within the scope,
  • Providing services in accordance with regulations, legislative provisions and agreements without any error, as soon as possible and without interruption,
  • Establishing, operating and continuously improving the information security management system,
  • Ensuring that business processes are carried out in accordance with the policies and procedures issued and approved within the scope of the information security management system,
  • Identifying and systematically managing risks related to the information assets,
  • Conducting trainings in order to increase information security awareness and to develop technical and behavioral competencies,
  • In order to adapt to the developments and changes in the information technologies field, creating a dynamic structure and increasing the communication with the authorities, conducting works on expanding the scope of the information security management system.

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