Prosim Kimya, has started to make a difference by putting health & safety criteria in the first place at the Polimer Ar Ge facility where they started with the technological support from Reichhold Inc.

For this reason, all necessary infrastructure  investment has been made for this facility located in Kocaeli in order to obtain the title of the most environmental friendly and most sustainable polyester resin production facility in Europe while continuning  to obtain further certifications.

Although it is a very new facility, thanks to energy efficiency projects in 2019, it has managed to reduce the energy consumption which is necessary to produce 1 ton of product, such as electricity by 38%, natural gas by 11%  and m3 water consumption by 61% compared to the previous year.

With the Packaging Waste Management projects, we recovered 70% of packages such as bags, big bags, which are generated from raw materials, in 2019 compared to the previous year, preventing the amount of gases and solid/liquid wastes to be released into the environment from disposal. In 2020, we have launched projects and investments that will reduce 67% of packaging wastes compared to the previous year.

Prosim Kimya has established the Polimer Ar Ge production facility, a strategic initiative, in Turkey and created an employment opportunity, thus positively contributed to the lives of approximately 1,000 people including the employees, suppliers, service providers and their families, and continues with this process in 2020 through social and cultural awareness efforts.

With the principle of equality in business life and education, it provides scholarships to students with limited economic opportunities and provides 80% female employment by observing positive discrimination in its offices.

Through the trainings held with the awareness of continuous training and development, the company culture and vision continue to be communicated to the employees and suppliers, while the most environmentally friendly and innovative products demanded by customers are tested in Polimer Ar Ge laboratories and relevant projects are launched.

Polimer Ar Ge cooperates with universities, organizes continuous trainings for its employees, and thus adopts the principle of training well-equipped and conscious employees.

Polimer Ar Ge has internalized that sustainability means investing in people, technology and protecting the chemistry of nature, thus continues its investments accordingly.

In line with these goals, the sustainability principles we adopt as Polimer Ar Ge are;

  • Continuously improving the environmental, health and safety information and performance of our technologies, processes and products throughout their life cycles in order not to harm people and the environment,
  • Minimizing the waste by using the resources efficiently,
  • Being clear about our performance, achievement and shortcomings,
  • Interacting with all our stakeholders to understand and solve their concerns and expectations,
  • Cooperating with governments and organizations and taking part in the development and implementation of effective regulations and standards,
  • Promoting responsible chemical management for all those who manage and use chemicals throughout the product chain.

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